The creation of this agency was mainly inspired by encounters of talented people who in our opinion deserve better exposure and opportunities ; we hope that you will share our thoughts.

In recent times it has come to our attention that most booking agencies are very individualistic ; booking agents are working closely with each and every artist, not so sharing contacts, competences and in a more general measure not so working as a team. Eingang is aiming to differentiate itself on this aspect, as we all strongly believe in the effectiveness of gathering forces sharing the same ambition. More briefly said: we are stronger together!

Another aspect where most booking agencies are similar is their graphic designs and their color code. Most of them are using black & white, it became the norm and this is why we decided to go in the complete opposition direction: colorful noise & sharp structure.

Our name is issued from the same team-working belief: “Ein(em) Gang” embodies our teamwork outlook and “Eingang” meaning “entrance” in german symbolizes that an agency has for main purpose to open doors for artists.

Now that you know more about our vision, we warmly invite you to browse through the tabs to see our artists roster, their latest news (incl. releases, gigs & more), or to contact us.