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Ambareesh is a swiss-born dj and producer immensely talented, he is one of the two persons whom inspired the creation of this agency. He indeed has a lot to offer but was for quite some time in dire need of someone to bring it to the right ears.

Angelo has a very intricate relationship with music, following his own words “It’s a playground with only questions and no answers, a self liberation challenge from conditionings.” He uses music as cathartic tool to free and express himself from emotions he feels during his everyday life. As a graphic designer he is often constrained to strict requests and rules, music is for him a process where he can let himself and his creativity flow in complete freedom, where he can push ideas to their ends and limits.

In 2014 he founded his own label called “Amba Amba Records” where he exclusively released his own music through nine mind-blowing EPs. In the same year he also released an EP on the great Belgian label “Ante-Rasa”.

After a small hiatus focusing on other projects, he is now producing and playing again under this moniker ; and has a lot more to offer!