Dynamic Range

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Baptiste Poupon aka Dynamic Range was born in Lausanne (CH) and is now based in Berlin. Despite his young age he has already been playing music in clubs and events for ten years, making his first marks in various electronic music genres.

With an inclination for the hardcore side of life, he was attracted to the Berlin underground techno scene like bears to honey, leaving Geneva behind where he holds an impressive reputation for putting together some of Geneva’s wildest illegal raves with his all-time music partner “Nh”. Those “Kommen Zusammen” events really had an impact on the local scene and helped greatly in shaping his sound.

As a DJ he is fast and fierce - he loves to be on both side of the booth, and those who’ve been under his spell on dance floors out there know he knows what they want better than they themselves do.

His focus has then switched to playing in clubs and producing his own music, he now makes regular trips to play in his home country and also has played in great places in Berlin, such as Tresor, Griessmuehle or Suicide Circus.

On the 30th of October his very first officially released track was published on a compilation on the great label Krill Music and he has a lot more music coming.