Marco Lenzi

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Marco Lenzi was born in Livorno and raised in Rome Italy, as a teenager he got into clubbing, record collecting and djaying, after inheriting some records from his father over 30 years ago.

His early influences include K. Stokhoussen, Pierre Henry, G. Ligety and other producers from the 1960’s who weren’t afraid to experiment with new sounds and techniques.

Marco moved to London in ‘88 where he founded 2 of the best record-stores in London – Silverfish and Eukatech. Marco, Nils & Hans Hess and Alex Oppido started the Silverfish Records store in the early 1990’s which was an important part of the growth of the dance scene in the UK, it included a record shop, a café, an art gallery and a club. After Silverfish, Marco, Nils and Hans opened the infamous Eukatech records which was widely known for releasing quality music and hosting many label showcases, including the famous Axis Records pop up shop where Jeff Mills exclusively sold his limited 3 x 7 inches releases ; which along other initiatives got Eukatech an award for best independent record label in 2005.

In in 1994 he founded Molecular Recordings, one of the most respected techno labels, where he and many other artists released ; such as Inigo Kennedy, Chris Liebing, Mr G, Oliver Ho, Jeff Mills & many young talents that deserved to be heard.

Marco has released more than 50 records on various labels including Molecular, Search, Missile, Audio, Eukatech, Noise Music & Primate, just to name a few. He has performed in over 50 countries, and in 2008 he was voted 49th in the DJ Magazine’s Top 100 DJs. After a few years out of the music business and looking after his 2 daughters, Marco is back with new material and re-launching Molecular Recordings. Music has always played a big part of Marco’s life so expect more to come.