BNZ001 - Ambareesh's release on Jihad Records


We are really excited for our artist Nh kickstarting “Jihad Records” (co-owned with Zahida) featuring excellent experimental electronic music by another of our recruits namely Amba aka Ambareesh !

“Amba - BNZ[JD01]” will be released in the next few days digitally and physically in the shape of cassette tapes limited to 50 units.

You can already listen below to the full tracks:

UPDATE (23.07.19)
The tapes arrived and are now ready to be shipped, order HERE.

All tracks written & produced by Amba/Ambareesh

Mastered by nh

Artwork by Amba

© Jihad 2019

Published on 13 April, 2019

Last updated on 13 May, 2019