Jiman's Germany & Tresor club debut


We can’t really express how much we are very excited for this one: Jiman will be making his Germany & Tresor club debut on the 27th of November 2019

On the first hand because we honestly believe in him since quite a while and think he deserves way more opportunities than he had in the past ; on the second hand because the vault is our favorite place on earth and like a second home to us.

The night will be hosted by one of our favorite Tresor resident & good friend of ours namely Mario Berger whom invited Jiman and also Kontal.

Here’s what Tresor wrote about our artist: “Hailing from the industrial atmosphere of northern France and Belgian club culture, Jiman came across Techno from its rawest side. Obsessively focused on sound design, Jiman shaped his aesthetics around complex constructions, dubby textures and melancholic grooves. After few digital releases, his material was out on vinyl on Singular records directed by Marcelus, french Synchrophone’s sublabel Nowhere, Forsaken cell and Mize Records. Since 2017 Jiman manages with 3 friends Pærer Records, a French label focusing on the experimental faces of techno.”

More infos about the event:

See you on the dancefloor!

UPDATE (11.12.19)

We uploaded an excerpt of Jiman’s marvelous debut at Tresor which you can find on the left hand side, enjoy the trip!

Published on 23 October, 2019