Transmit - Jiman's release on a Sample+Hold V.A.


Sample+Hold owner Patrik Skoog invited friends of the label and event series to take part in this 13-track strong compilation release to showcase their latest material.

The end result is an eclectic mix of flavors within the techno genre from the low key rhythmic experiments of Jiman to the spacious modular minimalism of Anders Hellberg.

See the tracklist below and preview/purchase on the Bandcamp player on the right!


  1. Jiman - Tetany Crisis
  2. Echologist - Things Fall Apart
  3. Radial - Gun Factor
  4. Versho - Prophets
  5. MYR - Hatari
  6. AHXAT - Metempsychose
  7. Patrik Skoog - Self Correction
  8. Babaal - Tactical
  9. Holldën - Can I Touch Yours
  10. Ülos Ovest - Human Fiat
  11. Vohkinne - Heavy Flotation
  12. D.T.D. - Sideways
  13. Anders Hellberg - Opinion

Published on 26 November, 2019