Frontline EP on Pærer Records


The upcoming fourth release of Pærer records has just been announced, it will be released on the 1st of May featuring tracks from Jiman, Untitled Signal, Rwsd & Leitmotiv.

The french experimental techno label is returning to basics for this EP, Jiman and Untitled Signal signed two resolutely techno tracks, combining mental synths, captivating rhythmics and aesthetics sounds.

On the other side of this beautiful piece of vinyl, you will find a flawless broken-beat techno track delivered by Rswd and a collaboration between Leitmotiv & Jiman closing off with an IDM infused track catching your attention with elegant piano melodies.

Enough with the talking, please have a listen to the previews and make up your own interpretation of it!

UPDATE (09/10/20)

Available for you to purchase at the following shops & online:

Published on 18 February, 2020

Last updated on 09 October, 2020