"0" Ambareesh's cassette tape EP


With a lot more free time on his hands our own Ambareesh just blessed us with a new release consisting of six tracks which will literally suspend the time and make you forget for 26+ minutes that there’s a messed up world outside of your bedroom walls.

We honestly are having issues describing it with words and feeling like no written description would actually do it justice, so we will just leave you with key-words and the oppressing urge you should feel to press play at this very moment.

High-pitched tension abounded pads and melodies, pitch-bending space organs, organized chaos of collapsing drums… all of that coated in a beautiful distortion crispier than any cornflakes you ever tried.

If you like what you’re hearing, please make sur to let Ambareesh know by sending him a message on his soundcloud or by sending us an email (contact@eingang.co) as this beauty will be released in the format of a cassette tape if at least 10 people want a copy (2/10).

Published on 19 April, 2020