Bandcamp waiving their fee

Bandcamp has announced it will waive its fees for artists and labels on the first Friday of the month for the next three coming ones

$3 million worth of music was purchased in 24 hours last time they did back in March.

Bandcamp will waive its fees on every Friday in 2002 from midnight to midnight pacific time.

UPDATE 5th of June 2020: As per the current state of affairs if you wish to support black artists and black-owned labels, please follow this link where you will find an extensive list.

Also we suggest you to support Eingang artists if you are able to, you will find below each of our artist’s Bandcamp page/releases:

- Ambareesh

- Irazu: ST02 - ST201 - 30CE-004 - Absolute Absence Of Morals - ST182

- Jiman/Pærer

- Marco Lenzi

- Nh/Sublunar: release 1 / release 2

Published on 30 April, 2020

Last updated on 02 October, 2020