Bandcamp Friday

Bandcamp is waiving their fees every 1st Friday each month from midnight to midnight pacific time.

If you wish to support black artists and black-owned labels, please follow this link where you will find an extensive list.

Also we suggest you to support Eingang artists if you are able to, you will find below each of our artist’s Bandcamp page/releases:

- Ambareesh

- Annechoic: rw nw prt m hrw - The Black Cat - Apathy Eats You Alive (Annechoic Remix)

- Dynamic Range

- Irazu: ST02 - ST201 - 30CE-004 - Absolute Absence Of Morals - ST182 - 30EXO-009

- Jiman/Pærer - Jiman - The Following Symptoms - Meteorites Rain (Jiman Remix) - Psychotria EP (new)

- Marco Lenzi

- Nh/Sublunar: release 1 / release 2

Published on 30 April, 2020

Last updated on 04 February, 2022