Bandcamp waiving their fee

Bandcamp has announced it will waive its fees for artists and labels on the first Friday of the month for the next three coming ones

$3 million worth of music was purchased in 24 hours last time they did back in March.

Bandcamp will waive its fees on 1 May, 5 June and 3 July from midnight to midnight pacific time.

Therefore we strongly suggest you to help if you are able to, you will find below each of our artist’s Bandcamp page.


Ambareesh. Switzerland.


Pærer. Lille, France. Pærer, independant label, based in Lille, France. Influenced by the pioneers of Detroit, Berlin vibes and UK experiment, they aim to promote the experimental and powerful sides of electronic music.


Molecular. London, UK. Quality Techno since 1994

Published on 30 April, 2020