Irazu's remixes to Avox25's "Dynamic Tension"

In its primitive form, Techno exhales dynamism, tension and movement. These three concepts are so carefully reflected in Gordo Trax’s fourth reference, with two originals that go straight into the dance floor and two burning remixes signed by Irazu.

Dynamic Tension lets go of all ornaments and focuses on an aggressive bassline splashed by sharp percussions and envolved by a thick layer of subterranean frequencies.
Movement softens out the tension and transforms it into hipnosis, with a bubbling, liquid bass that elevates us.

Irazu takes the first cut to his terrain in a masterly fashion, making two different remixes filled with distortion and darkness. In the first one premiered by Industrial Complex, the tension increases and the strength of the punch gets tangled.
The second is more direct, the rhythm is perceived more clearly and the nervousness caused by the medium-high tones is pushed into the background.

Published on 05 November, 2020