'The Following Symptoms' Jiman's new track on 30D Records

The lack of contact, even between humans, has become in recent days a truly demanding norm. Far away from sitting and waiting for better days to come, Close Encounters as a sub label has always been 30D’s way to gather artists aiming to explore the wider techno spectrum, combining freedom, rhythm and each artist’s particular vision of their sound. We’re now sharing with you the results of the Sixth Encounter, to be released the forthcoming 26th February 2021.

Hekum, Jiman, Omnia Vox and Téo Dréan: Four tracks. Four artists. Four ways to resume and to push forward what we may expect from techno in this yet uncertain year to come.

Pre-orders will soon follow & previews are most probably already playing on the left-hand side!

Release information:

V.A. - Sixth Contact EP - 30D Records | Close Encounters 006 [30DCE-006]

  1. Hekum - Niente x Niente
  2. Jiman - The Following Symptoms
  3. Omnia Vox - Semiprime77
  4. Téo Dréan - Prosperidad

UPDATE (26/02/21)

OUT NOW! See below for purchase:

Published on 11 February, 2021

Last updated on 26 February, 2021