Various Artists: Same Bitches 001


Since their first edition back in March 2014 at OHM Berlin, Same Bitches’ parties have been a sturdy staple of the city’s club scene, in addition to holding a legendary reputation in the global queer community.

The latter is largely creditable to their foolproof consistency on many levels, such as their religious bi-monthly schedule of 24+ hours, their high-energy regulars crowd, and fore and foremost the incredible & eclectic music quality of their residents: Derek Plaslaiko, Handmade, Manuela Mayoral, Ron Wilson and VCO.

Manuela Mayoral invariably opens and closes the festivities before and after the four other residents, invevitably followed by a timeless back-to-back orgy until the last man standing eventually gives up.

Inspired by the raw sound of Detroit Techno, the crew have quickly gained underground praise over the years for their liberal queer atmosphere, and their uncompromising energy fueled by banging acid house and groovy techno.

After seven years in the making, it felt under the sense to expand their realm by kicking-off their own imprint ; their first record was released on March 5th 2021, and features stunning productions by VCO, Ron Wilson, Handmade & Derek Plaslaiko.

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Published on 08 March, 2021