'Oil On Canvas' Irazu's contribution to HC Records compilation


Today we have a new track by Irazu for you, which was specifically made as a contribution to a four-part compilation celebrating the 15 years anniversary of ‘Hypnotica Colectiva’.

Here’s what Irazu has to say about it: ‘In 2012 I started working with David Verdeguer and Hipnotica Collective, it was a very confusing time with a big gap of which I remember just enough, but I do remember learning the values, the difficulties and the hardness of what started as a hobby, then a passion and later a job.

I am very grateful to those years because they worked for me to take this as I take it now. Passion and Rock and Roll. Oil on Canvas is my contribution to the 15th anniversary compilation.’

The compilation also features stunning works by Estrato Aurora, The Lost Boys, Ed Added, Jheal Bashta, HBK1, Viiks, Finalversion3, Siarem, Abiz Sonko, Hector Mad, Dan Böhler & Kaxtelian. Available for you to purchase on the left-hand side

Published on 10 March, 2021