ENIGMA - Episode 01 A/V Podcast with Annechoic


The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere Episode 01 of the new audio visual project from ENIGMA - Audio and Visual Arts. The project was born in 2018 as an event series that, since the beginning of 2020, gained its residency at the intimate +4Bar floor of the iconic Tresor, Berlin.

Enigma’s concept is rooted in the interdisciplinary nature of arts and thanks also to the many live-streaming platforms on the rise that regularly implement VJing performance, audio and visual have become closer than ever before. With Enigma’s new A/V podcast series, the group seeks to propose something a little different still. To do so, they teamed up with visual artist - Syrtha - who will accompany the auditive experience with a unique VJ performance for each pre-recorded mix.

The aim is to bring the two artistic dimensions at the forefront instead of simply putting the figure of a DJ behind the decks as the main entertainment. For the first Episode, Enigma presents the amazing sound of Annechoic.

Published on 24 July, 2021