M2B aka Manuela Mayoral at Golosa Berlin


On August 14th 2021, Manuela Mayoral will be premering her new alias ‘M2B’ for Golosa at Suicide Club Berlin. For the occasion, Golosa asked her a few questions:

Golosa: Hi M2B, did the pandemic change your relationship to music?

M2B: Yes, during the pandemic I git more dependent on music, in a way that was one of the only things that kept me happy and with something to do. I’ve learned many things

Golosa: What do you wish for your future dancing/clubbing experiences?

M2B: I wanna get always better than before and produce my own tracks. Keep giving people a good experience and make them sweat… more sweat!

Golosa: What track do you love right now?

M2B: I can’t choose one track but I can tell you about some labels I recently bought some references: Tooflez muzik 08 and Libertine 12

Golosa: Do you have Golosa in you?

M2B: New music to dance, new minds to explore, get better… having a lot of fun.

Full line-up:

  • Kirill Shapovalov (Popoff Kitchen)
  • ROTCIV (Luv Shack Records)
  • M2B aka Manuela Mayoral (Same Bitches, Eingang)
  • 2FARO (Golosa)
  • Mashyno (Golosa)
  • KH38 (Golosa, Speedmaster records)
  • Sparkling Water Dreams (Gardens)
  • TmKrs (Katana, System of Destruction)

Published on 14 August, 2021