'Psychotria' EP on Pærer

Jiman’s label, Pærer, just posted the previews of their upcoming release, which will feature tracks from TrübTone on the A side and Cyberlife on the B one.

Available digitally on May 23rd (pre-orders below) and in March/April (TBC) on vinyl!

‘With those times of a promised civilization collapse, truth revelations, questionings, and afflictions, spiritual ascension can come as fundamental to avoid falling into the abysses. Psychotria isn’t a release with the pretense to be of help for this, but this musical meeting of the versatile producer Cyberlife and the vibes explorer TrübTone appears as an attempt of bringing response to the eternal metaphysical question on why things are, as a liberating truth for the mind.

By this psychedelic exploration of music that breaks codes to go deeper in the sound, made of seven affirmed tracks, this release mixes together some elements of this complex puzzle that only transcendence reaches to complete.’

UPDATE (11.05.22)

Out now, available on these stores below:

Mastering by Scan X

Published on 20 September, 2021

Last updated on 11 May, 2022