Annechoic at Krake Festival


Our own Annechoic will be playing the renowned Krake Festival on the Friday 12th of November 2021, here is what they had to say about it:

‘We’re thrilled to introduce Annechoic, a DJ and producer running the label Audiofugitives since 2012. For a preview, check out her Mutant Radio set on soundcloud - it’s a hazy trip of handpicked and mesmerizing electro, techno and ambient. One thing is for sure - Annechoic knows exactly how to lay out a journey to get blissfully lost in. A highly recommended Sunday listen! You’ll find her in the booth at the Kraken on November 12th.’

Tickets are available here.

Full line-up:

Full lineup of November 12th at Krake Festival

Published on 08 November, 2021