Irazu's release on Semantica Records


We couldn’t prouder of Irazu for this mindblowing work of art! Indeed this eleven tracker released on the legendary Semantica imprint isn’t just another techno release in the flood of today’s scene; it beautifully covers the whole spectrum of what you would expect from an extended electronic music release!

In the words of the great Regis:

‘This is a healing, this music is blood heat, This is the opium circuit, You can’t leave your pain in the river, You can’t leave your faith in the river, Some people didn’t see no healing , Dani never said they would.’

Tracklist (Semantica 141 C60/Digital):

  1. Lines
  2. Strict continuity
  3. Traffic in souls
  4. See things on the walls
  5. Wild God
  6. Pneumonia
  7. Unity*
  8. In constant decay
  9. Transparent red
  10. Searching the reason
  11. Anything exist anymore.

Release: October 3rd, 2022

Written, Produced and Mixed by Daniel Herguedas In Berlin.  Unity Mixed with Neiland in Barcelona.

Mastered by Mario Castillo. 

Prologue by Karl O’Connor. 

Artwork: ”Foggy Night” by Rick Amor.*

Full tracks premieres by Technopsis:

Published on 01 October, 2022