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Few people in the scene can boast such a raw talent and authentic punk attitude as nh - and those who do are seldom the boasting type. It is likely thus that many will not be familiar with his name, especially when relying on social media to keep up to date with who is whom. But those who know the Swiss-born, Berlin-based artist are irrevocably drawn to the energy of both his sets and his productions.

His unconventional approach, seeming to be more interested in finding (or creating) the musicality of real-life sounds than in working with musically produced tones has always been a part of him.

An experimentalist at heart and a perfectionist at mind - it is in music that the two conflicting forces find resolution, often through dark, elliptical negotiations that keep the listener floating, suspended. Hypnotic, schizophrenic, unpretentious techno - one listen at nh’s exquisite “Nihil EP” or the follow-up “Non EP” on Sublunar Records will immediately give a feel for what we mean.